Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Potty Training!!!

I can't even begin to potty train Lainey! She has NO interest at all in going to the potty! I have bought her boys underware with Cars, Nemo and Toy Story on the. I got her girly panties with Tinkerbell and friends. I bought her a tiny floor toilet and a Cars one that fits on the regular toilet. She absolutley refuses to go. I am frustrated and at my wits end! Anybody have any suggestions???? I would apprecitate any input. I know she will eventually go, but she is almost 3 1/2 years old!! What do I do?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aunt Beth's funeral.

We attended Aunt Beth's funeral today in Bountiful. It was a beautiful service. It wasn't sad, just a wonderful celebration of her life. I know she is in a much better place, and is with family she loves and can see!! I am so happy for her. I am thankful for the gospel, to know that she is on the other side, very, very happy right now.
On another note, my 2 year old niece Adison has been obsessed with that fact that a cow on their farm died. On the ride to Bountiful she would say "Angie, our cow was sick", me:"I know Adi", her:"our cow died". This went on quite a few times. At the funeral home Jennie decided that maybe we shouldn't tell her Aunt Beth was dead, just sleeping. So Adi in her little 2 year old mind, kept running over to the casket and almost yelling "WAKE HER UP!!" Inaproppriate, but funny to us. She is a very determined little girl and tends to driver her mommy nuts sometimes (OK, most of the time). But we love her!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cooper Earned his Arrow of Light!!

After alot of hard work Cooper finally received his Arrow Of Light in the Boy Scout program. They had a wonderful program for him. He earned quite a few badges. I am so proud of his hard work and deication to Scouts!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Advent Calendar!!

My sister Jennie found an Advent calendar in the Pottery Barn catalog. It was $70.00!! We decided that we could make one that would be cheaper (and cuter!). It ended up costing about $12.00! Not including the many hours, especially since the glue wouldn't hold and I had to blanket stitch around all 25 pocket!! It turned out awesome and hopefully my kids will enjoy it for many years to come.
My mom made one for Kris and I when we were little, so we added some of the ones we could remember from our childhood. The train, doll, dog. It was alot of fun to work on this with my sisters!

Helping with the Christmas Lights!

As I was putting up our tree, Sophie crawled over and kept playing with the lights. She was so fascinated with them! She kept wrapping them around herself and singing. She is so much fun! She is attempting to walk. Soon she will be mobile and getting into everything! So worth it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pee-Wee Lamb show

Lainey was old enough this year to participate in the Pee-Wee lamb show. She was a bride and her lamb was the groom. She won runner-up for most original costume. I start planning next years costume as soon as the show is over. If anyone has an idea, let me know.

When Cooper was younger he won every year but one. He has been a sailor with a hula girl, a soldier with Sadam "on the lamb", a train conducter, missionaries,Old Ephriam and Mr. Clark. It is alot of fun, but getting harder to come up with original stuff!! Cooper showed a pig this year and got a blue ribbon and sold his pig for $850.00!! More money for college,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Making Memories!

I was just reading my aunt's blog about memories of growing up. I have to say that I was very mean to my siblings. It is something that I will always regret and wish I could take back, but hope that I have made up for it in some small way. It seems that as we have grown older, we have grown closer. I know I can call my sisters at 3:00am and they will talk things out. All 3 of my brothers are jokesters. I don't get to see Jeff or Matt alot, but Nate is only 5 years older than Cooper (who will be 11 in about 6 weeks!) I try to include him in things and hope that he will have good memories of me. I was so mad when my parents would make me take Krista with me wherever I went. I know I would have gotten into alot more trouble than if she hadn't been there. I am thankful for loving and forgiving parents.
Do you ever stop raising your children? If one of my children are hurt, I call my mom in a panic, I am a nurse!! I know what to do.
I am blogging at almost 0300 because I have a party tommorrow and my house is not perfect. I have spent 3 days cleaning (was it really that dirty?) and dipped pretzels for 3 hours this evening after a 2 hour American Legion meeting!! And I am trying to convinve people to be in charge of Pennies by the inch in our areas and am not having much success!! ( Having 2 bishops yell at you.... not a good time). why do I do this to myself?? UHHHH!!!!! I need to learn to say no and only do 1 thing at a time. I am going to go crawl into Madelaine's bed, since she is in my spott and won't sleep by herself. happy reading to those of you who made it tis far!!! ove to you all!